Welcome to Looe Fish Selling Ltd

To buy fish on the auction market, a Buyer needs:

  • a Looe Harbour Commissioners licence ( tel. 01503 263999) 
  • A Bank Guarantee or a Bank/Cash Bond in favour of Looe Fish Selling Ltd.

The Buyers week is from Monday to Friday, with payment required on the following Tuesday.

The bidding software can be downloaded here but cannot be activated until the buyer has completed registration formalities.

In order to follow the market and bid a new buyer will need to register an access code with Looe Fish Selling. This will only be activated when the buyer has purchased a LHC buying licence from LFS and established a satisfactory Bank/Cash bond or Bank Guarantee with LFS. Control of activation of access codes resides at all times with the Auction house.

A satisfactory level of bond is approximately the equivalent of 2 weeks anticipated average purchases.

Looe Fish Selling also has a minimum bond requirement policy: (minimum bond currently £2,000).  Link to enquiry form?

Daily purchases are monitored against the level of financial bond held and buyers may be asked for interim payments if their value is likely to be exceeded before the normal due day of payment. Looe Fish Selling operates a “cleared funds” policy on all payments due.

Practical considerations.

Whether buying on the market itself, or remotely, the boxes bought are ticketed by auction staff then moved onto a pallet, or to an agreed area of the market, for collection. If required the purchases made by remote buyers can be checked by Looe Fish Selling staff at the end of the market.  Alternatively Buyers may have their own locally appointed agent to do it for them. Link to local buyers/service providers….

Market boxes are not allowed to leave the market area. Remote buyers must therefore make their own arrangements for the provision of boxes to tip into, the labour required and  onward transport and delivery.


There is  a service charge of 1% applied to all market purchases.

There is also a grading charge applied to certain species and grades.

New Buyer Enquiries

Please contact Jayne on 01503 263999 or enquiries@looe-fish-selling.co.uk or complete our Buyer Registration Form