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The latest version of the Remote Buyer software will always be available for download here:

Setup LHC Remotebuyer.exe

When asked, click “save” or “save-as” (make a note of where you save it!) and then “run” the program to install on your computer.

Remote Buyer softwareAfter installing the software, look for the LFS Remote Buyer Icon on your Desktop or the Remotebuyer link in your Start Menu and launch the program.

Before you can view or take part in the fish auction, using the Remote Buyer application you must login and provide a pincode – this login information will be provided to you as part of the Buyer Registration process.

Microsoft Windows compatiblePlease note that the Remote Buyer Software is for Microsoft Windows only and has been tested on  XP, Vista, Win7, Win 8. The software does NOT work in the Apple iOS environment.

Looe Fish Selling wish you success with your auction activities.

Remote Buyer software

System Overview

The system uses a “rising clock” bidding process.

When Bidding:
press and hold down the space bar

If Successful: 
if there is only one box press enter to confirm purchase
if there is more than one box a seperate dropdown box will open asking you how many boxes you want. Press a number e.g. 2 to indicate the number of boxes, followed by enter.

[A full box will contain no more than 20kg]


The Remote Buyer application is provided as a free download without warranty. Correct installation and use of the applcation is the users responsibility. Looe Fish Selling Limited is not responsible for any failure of the application, the users equipment or the broadband connection during the auction process or at any other time or for any consequent losses.